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The Flying Dutchman


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The Bio

The most haunted ship of the seven seas has arrived. The Dutchman ship is here to take some crewmates aboard. This Flying Dutchman ship is actully a remake of Lego set 10210 Imperial Flagship, but I modified to have the ghostly theme to it. We did had a Flying Dutchman set, but that was for the Spongebob theme and also it was too small. That is why I think my Flying Dutchman set should become an amazing Lego set.

What to expect

First thing to know is that this is my version of The Flying Dutchman. The set has six crewmates, two sharks, and of course the Dutchman. The sails are a brick built red to simulate the torn sails that the ship has. Thats all I have for you and remember to support for this project.

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