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Hi Brick Fans. Add to your Creative Side with this 2 player Strategy Board Game.
The objective: To be the first to Connect 4 Bricks in a Row, either, Horizontally, Diagonally or Vertically, the First to do so Shouts “L*GO”
How to Play: Each Player has 35 Bricks each to play with. Decide who will go first. Once decided, Bricks are placed one Brick at a time around the “outer edge” of the board then the next player places their Brick and so on, until one Player completes a, Horizontal, Diagonal or Vertical line then the winner Shouts “L*GO” to Indicate that they have won.
Tip: As the Game progresses, it becomes more challenging to see what your opponent is up to, so you will need to ensure that you move the Board around to view all sides before placing your Brick remembering this is a 4-Sided Game.
Should you both be skilled strategist’s by using all the Bricks, with no outright winner then a draw is declared.
Benefits: This is a great educational tool for developing strategic thinking skills (Bricks build brains) as well as being an ideal gift that is fun for all to play many times over when on the move making it a perfect travel companion.
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Contents: Each Pack contains:
X1 Base Board  X35 Black Bricks  X35 White Bricks
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