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Mersey Flat

This is an example of the local type of vessel built on the River Mersey, her tributaries (such as the River Weaver), and all along the North West of England as well as into North Wales.
Mersey Flats were carvel-built (planks butting against each other rather than overlapping) and sturdy little vessels that developed over hundreds of years and were used as the basis for bolder vessels (by some builders) that were rigged as schooners and other types of small ship, for coastal and deep-sea voyages.  Given their flush decks and large open holds, this was "adventurous" to say the least, but many made long passages across the seas.
Most pure Mersey Flats, however, were designed and used for canal and river trading in the local area from Cheshire, Lancashire, and surrounds.  Sub-types formed that were specifically built for the restrictions of particular canals and other waterways and there were many thousands of them launched over the years.  Sadly, only two remain today: MOSSDALE (built in Chester around 1860) and OAKDALE (built in my home town of Runcorn in 1951).  The former is now looked after by the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum; the latter by her owner, Dave Keenan, where she is beached at Askam-in-Furness, and supported by the Mersey flat OAKDALE Refit Society (MORS).
I built this because the nautical history of my hometown is one of my greatest passions and I love these vessels, some of which my family members built and sailed in.  I think this sort of set, of historic vessel types, would make a great Lego build as plenty of people like boats and ships, and many would enjoy the little bit of history they would learn whilst building them.

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