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Leeli and the Dragon Song

Hello! This product idea is based off Andrew Peterson's epic fantasy series, "The Wingfeather Saga". In the first book, the three Igiby siblings, (Janner, Kalmar 'Tink', and Leeli) are watching the mysterious sea dragons dance and sing in the waters of the Dark Sea. As she watches, Leeli suddenly begins singing her own song. As Janner listens to it, he realizes that it is all he is hearing. The dragons are listening to it.

The minifigures included are Janner Igiby, Kalmar 'Tink' Igiby, Leeli Igiby, and Slarb the fang. 
The model includes a cliff and the sea dragon Yurgen. Yurgen's jaws opens and closes. The cliff features a trap for Slarb the fang based on the short film. If you pull out the small support bar on the back of the cliff, the floor beneath him falls, and he is knocked over.

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