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Red Fox


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Introducing my first project and an interesting idea: The LEGO red fox.

The red fox has only been made into one set, the Lego monthly mini build November "40218". I have seen many Lego animal projects on Lego Ideas. I and many other Lego animal fans would enjoy to see a variety of Lego animals, including foxes. I have created this project to hopefully get enough supporters to become a new addition to the small amount of Lego animals.

This idea consists of 56 Lego bricks. It is a very simple project, but promises a lot of fun to build and will be a great addition to any Lego collector's shelf. Though its size is so little, it took a long time to draw and come up with the way it looks. As you can see in each of the pictures, I wanted to give everyone a fair look at my project. After I built my idea I browsed the web to make sure I was not unintentionally copying another creation. I found a fox that looked slightly similar to my one, but I promise I did not mean to copy anyone's builds.

This fox project would be great to see in Lego's products. Please support and follow. Thank you. Goodbye!


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