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Interior Public Restroom


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This interior public restroom will most likely help provide your LEGO City theme needs.  You can use it inside police stations, fire stations, hospitals, restaurants, schools, churches, parks, and even skyscrapers.  When you place the public restroom inside your city building, might want to check the height to ensure that it fits.  Or you can exclude the restroom's roof and maybe exclude some walls to fit your model.  You can use it for the outside city if you want.  Just want to let you know that some items not included for the outside are air vents, pipes, windows, and roof design.  The restroom can resemble the real-life restrooms that we see in public places almost every day.  It has:

  • Initials to guide which is Men (M) and Women (W).
  • 2 flat roof covers with flat ceilings and lights underneath for each restroom.
  • Blue door for men.
  • Red door for women.
  • Wall by the door for each restroom to block out peeping toms.
  • Floor tiles for each restroom.
  • 5 sinks with mirrors in each restroom.
  • Paper towel dispenser in each restroom.
  • Air blow dryer in each restroom.
  • Trash bin in each restroom.
  • Stalls to divide toilets and urinals.
  • Stall doors for each toilet
  • 3 toilets, 3 toilet papers, 3 toilet paper covers, and 2 urinals for men.
  • 5 toilets, 5 toilet papers, 5 toilet paper covers, and 5 mini trash bins for women.
  • Baby changing table in each restroom.
  • Spacious toilet room for parents to change their baby's diaper, special people, and senior citizens in each restroom.

This model is simple to build and only has 1,183 bricks.  Minifigures not included.  Hope you like it.  Thank you all very much for your time.

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