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Harlock universe - Arcadia

Arcadia is one of the most advanced spaceship. Its captain - Harlock - is my friend and I designed Arcadia to help him in his fight againts humanoids.

Arcadia uses a minifig scale and is quite big. Not as big to accomodate 400 crew members but enough to have all main characters.
It includes :
- 2 spacewolfs: click here to view spacewolf project and details
- 2 hovercrafts
- 7 crew members including Harlock and one cat. All of them can take place into front and rear cabins.
- 3 powerfull groups of cannons. Cannon can be freely pointed at target.

This set is made of 7548 bricks.
Length = 157,6 cm
Width = 78,4 cm
Height = 60,6 cm

I plan to downscale it by 30% so that it would be perfectly integrated into the ultimate collector series. I'll start as soon as the project reachs 1000 supporters.

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