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FR K2 Class Mixed-traffic Engine


After being introduced to the world in March, 1912 by Sir Nigel Gresley, the K2 Class became a hit sensation of the British railways after replacing its former K1 Class. Reaching speeds of 40m/h (64.3738km/h), it proved useful as both a passenger and goods train. By 1962, K2 became extinct from its last surviving locomotive, No. 61756, being withdrawn from the railway.

The LEGO model I have made here is to commemorate the 50 years of service the K2 Class locomotive gave to the British Railway.

A huge improvement has been made from the last revision which removes that unsightly gap between the cab and firebox.

Dimensions are as followed:
Length: 37.5cm
Height: 13cm
Width: 7cm

Brick count:

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