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Kingdom Hearts: Guard Armor Encounter


Kingdom Hearts: Guard Armor Encounter

A scattered dream like a far-off memory. A far-off memory like a scattered dream. I want to line the pieces up-- yours and mine.

Kingdom Hearts and LEGO were just meant to be. From its creation in 2002, this Disney crossover game has captured the hearts of many young and old. The game follows a boy named Sora, the Keyblade Master, in his travels to many Disney worlds, alongside Donald Duck and Goofy, ridding the worlds of dark creatures called Heartless. The game's lighthearted and colorful worlds yet deep themes are accessible to all ages, and would make a great theme for a LEGO set. 

This set depicts the Guard Armor battle at Traverse Town, an early scene from the game and the first boss Sora fights alongside Donald and Goofy.


  • Sora
  • Donald
  • Goofy
  • Soldier (Heartless)
  • Air Soldier (Heartless)
  • Red Nocturne (Heartless)

Included in this Set:

  • Guard Armor
  • Gizmo Shop
  • Traverse Town Keyhole
  • Lamp Post

The Guard Armor has articulation in arms, legs, fingers, and has a rotatable head. Included in this project would be an alternate build instructions and head for the Reverse Armor, a transformed version of the Guard Armor boss fought in the game.

The Gizmo Shop includes multiple functions. The top purple gear turns the face of the clock, changing the time; the blue gear rings the bell, and the green crank turns the giant gear on the side. There is also a flick-launcher for the Red Nocturne, where you can launch it over the Gizmo Shop. There are two boxes outside the Gizmo Shop: one with HP orbs and the other with MP orbs. Also included is a brick with the red trinity symbol blocking the bell, for Sora, Donald, and Goofy to team up and perform a trinity move to knock down the wall. 

The Keyhole plate turns from a painting of two trees, to coincide with the ringing of the bell as in the game. Sora's Keyblade is a gold 18673 piece, used as the Inquisitor's lightsaber in Star Wars: Rebels.

This set would make a great toy to celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts III. This set with both playable features and good-looking and fun builds would make a great addition to anyone's LEGO collection, appealing to fans of LEGO and Kingdom Hearts young and old. Support Now!

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