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CHAIR DESIGN: Westside Lounge Chair - RYB Color Seat

Are you interested in this chair design?
I am super excited to share my micro model chair with approximately 188 LEGO pieces, named the Westside Lounge Chair. It is a great chair, designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1983. Its design is very simple with applied well the primary colors Red-Yellow and Blue in color design and simple geometry form, which recalls toy bricks. This chair is used in offices and the home. According to the history of interior design, it showed garish colors and non-traditional shapes which defined 1980s post-modern design. Postmodernism rejected the purism and seriousness of functionalist modernism by injecting wit and redundancy into the design. I believe that it would make a great and fun little LEGO gift set of furniture theme for celebrating chair design with brick as well as a good object for home decor. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment. Thank you! 

Real Chair Dimensions:
Height: 30 inches
Width: 37.5 inches
Depth: 30 inches

Lego Model Dimensions
Depth: 1.7 inches / 43.18 mm
Width: 3.0 inches / 76.2 mm
Height: 2.8 inches / 71.12 mm


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