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Jungle Outpost


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This Jungle Outpost is perfect for any enterprising adventurers. This one is kept under the watch of its three minifigures, Dan, Cael, and Lieutenant Kegg Larson. This small base consists of a secret, camouflaged entryway with a turret, manned by Lieutenant Larson. Beyond the front door, there's a small courtyard with an armory of 5 guns, binoculars, and a wrench. Opposite this imposing arsenal, there is a hat rack for safe keeping of headware. Past the courtyard. there is a small bunker with a top mounted AA (Anti-Air) gun. Of course, this spartan-living style bunker is complete with a back door. 

This set comes with about 400 pieces, a lego snake, 3 minifigures, 2 standard LEGO Star Wars blaster rifles, 2 long range LEGO Star Wars rifles, a harpoon gun, LEGO Star Wars electrobinoculars, and a wrench.

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