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Buying diesel trucks headed for the scrap heap and giving them new leases on life has turned into big business for the Diesel Brothers. Led by Heavy D and Diesel Dave, the crew works hard and plays harder as they trick out the trucks for use in elaborate pranks and stunts, all of which becomes a marketing tool on social media.

One of he iconic build recreated in 6 wide city size, 4 seater Monster machine, the Brodozer.

The Brodozer: one mean and modified truck that’s ready to climb just about anything.

262 pieces, including Brothers, an easy to medium build for the fan of all Diesels and BIG

working suspension, front lateral to accommodate the working steering and the rear spring based. The steering is controlled via the attached spare wheel.

would require a minimal sticker sheet for the hood logo and immitation sponsorship.


Enjoy and all comments welcome


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