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Backyard Party


So, I started building this around a month ago with the original idea wanting to be a copy of the backyard I grew up in. As I continued to work on this project I started wanting to incorporate other features of a backyard like an outdoor kitchen, and in the ground fireplace, and a pool with a stone surrounding. As time went on, I added minifigures and chairs along with a fire place, a cool outdoor table, and some beach umbrellas with a beach chair. One of my final Ideas was to add a water slide surrounded by stone that you would find in most modern backyards. And inside the stone waterslide there is a door where you can enter inside the stone. So, you are in stone and under a slide. HOW COOL IS THAT. Also, in the deck of the pool, I added a water system for the pool making it much more realistic. I chose the fabuland orange color to reflect new wood-like my deck. But the tan color also reflects sandish color remind you of the summer. I also added lights to the design to remind us that parties can go on in he dark. The final design turned out to be an outdoor party with kids running around and parents cooking. It reminds you of a hot summer day. 

This could make an amazing lego set because it reminds people what an everyday backyard party looks like. This combines a traditional backyard with modern ideas like the outdoor kitchen, pool with stone slide and, the rounded stairs. This I feel like is an amazing product for everyone to have.

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