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Star Wars Jedi Dorms


This is an extension of Star Wars the Clone Wars Barriss' Betrayal ( ). This allows you to get the dorm of multiple Jedi (at least, based off their character, what I think they look like).

Ki-Adi-Mundi’s dorm: A wise Cerean Jedi, and part of the Jedi Council, Mundi would no doubt need his own place of rest and meditation. In his dorm, you see a bed, two weapons on display, a jar, and a meditation pool. The meditation pool was customized to Mundi's noble desires. Behind him is a little pump that drips a drop of water a minute. He does so because each drop of water reminds him of a Jedi that fell in battle, which were many in the Clone Wars ( , Personality and Traits). Also, there is a place to put his lightsaber. For his lightsaber crystal, he uses a traditional Kasha crystal, a force enhanced crystal that was used as a tool for meditation by the Cerean people. He uses the crystal to help him clear his mind, both in meditation, and in battle. (Mundi would come with a blue blade to add to his hilt.)

Aayla Secura's dorm: In it are four pieces of furniture: two lamps, one bed, and one table. On the table is a computer and a holo-disc. She has no real bed, but instead sleeps on a cushion (green plate piece) with an extra-cushioned pillow. (Secura would come with two lightsabers, one green, and the other blue.)
To produce the lighting effect, the white pieces in the lamps glow in the dark.

Ahsoka Tano’s dorm: Although the last episode of Clone Wars, Season 5 had Ahsoka moving out, I still think that people would be interested in this dorm. She has a bed, a table, a droid repair platform, and a computer for research. Her bed has no mattress, but still has a pillow. In the top right corner, you can see that she is repairing a medical droid, trying to follow her master's footsteps. (Ahsoka would come with both of her lightsaber, one green, the other a yellowish-green.)

Mace Windu’s dorm: Mace Windu doesn't ask for much. He has a large, round chair, a bed, a desk chair and a desk. On the desk is a computer. The bed comes with a cushion, a pillow, and a blanket. Right now, you can see him meditating on the chair. (Mace would come with his purple lightsaber.)

Those are all the dorms. Outside each dorm you can see a hall. Here, you can see that they can be connected, allowing a long line of dorms. You can get multiple sets so that you can make more dorms for other Jedi, like Anakin, Yoda, or even one of your own.

May the Force be with you.

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