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Van of the Future

This is FTR MK-I, the codename from FUTURE MARK 1. This is the result of the will to create a futuristic, modern, colorful yet keep it simple and minimal. Above all the van should fit in any LEGO City properly.

The van can fit 3 minifures and there is a middle console behind driver seat for drinks or TV screen to keep rear passengers entertained.

The sloped B pillars are harmonious with the slope of the front windscreen and the use of trans black pieces and the C pillar creates the look of floating roof like real modern cars.

As per futuristic approach, the van is fully electric. The charge port is integrated in the rear bumper.

- Futuristic design
- Colorful and cozy
- Unique B pillars
- Middle console for drinks or TV screen
- Internal rear space for briefcase
- Tail light with connected third brake light
- Red coffee mug!

I hope you will like my design and thank you all for the support.

P.S. More car designs on my Facebook Fanpage: BRICK AUTOS

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