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Old Mine's Duel


Let me propose you a new coaster experience.

After few minutes in the queue, it’s your turn.
With your friend, become your duel competitor for the next 5 minutes, you take your wagonet and you place it in the lift’s rail. During the queue, you have chosen with him your challenge: The one who goes furthest on the arrival sliding area or the fastest to the finish line.

Park’s agent: “Are you ready”.

The lift goes up and you are now placed in the starting block. The big descent is front of you and you see now the small mine below...

Park’s agent: “3, 2, 1…”

Instantly, the speed is awesome and you are now flying on a water surface.
You see the mine entrance and you are now completely sure: it is too small….

Finally, you have passed through the mine and your competitor is just beside you!
You are ahead of 10 cm and you cross the finish line first!
The experience finish by the long slide on the arrival area.

What a great moment!

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