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Mobile Exploration Vehicle

The Mobile Exploration Vehicle (MEV) is a large vehicle capable of small-scale exploration across a planet or newly discovered surface. Inspired by the Futuron line, it features the white-and-blue color scheme the line was known for. This continues to the minifigures, all outfitted in a modern update of the Futuron suits. The bulky, angular design was also taken from Futuron and other classic space themes.

Capable of holding three minifigures comfortably and up to five at maximum, the MEV contains everything an intrepid space explorer might need, including beds, a study table, weapons, tools, and more. It has two levels for ease of movement and a ladder to reach the cockpit. With moving doors, the MEV can seal itself from the outside world if needed. It can be further used as a temporary base.

Made for fans of Futuron, classic space and space in general, the MEV is designed for play. With just over 400 pieces, it's an easier build and should fit right alongside your existing space collection!

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