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The Narnia Wardrobe


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Third time's a charm...

Based on "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis.
Enter the brick-built world of Narnia! Or put it on your shelf, if you wish.

Watch the video here to see what it is hiding:

The model, which looks almost like made of wood, includes:
  • Approximately 2000 bricks (professional Lego designer should easily reduce it by 10-20% without affecting scale)
  • 8 and 3/4 minifigures - Lucy, Tumnus, The White Witch, Edmund, Dwarf, Susan, Peter, Mr. Beaver and Santa (without legs)
  • Accessories - lamppost, The White Witch's sleigh, Mr. Tumnus' Lego parcels, umbrella and scarf, Turkish Delight, cup and the magic bottle
  • Richly decorated doors and other parts, with Aslan curved on each door
  • Legendary orange brick separator
  • Model dimensions - 28,8cm (11,3in) wide, 30,5cm (12in) high, 5,2cm (6in) deep.
It is not only the winter forest scenery hidden in the wardrobe, it also hides many other functions:
  • Doors and drawers are opening and closing
  • Santa is popping up when you are opening right drawer and then crank is becoming available to use
  • Crank driven mechanism - main scene is rotating and minifigure behind the tree is showing and hiding when you are turning the crank
  • Minifigures and accessories (with brick separator) can be stored in the left drawer.
It'll bring some light during dark, winter nights (even when batteries are down):
  • Electric lighting - you can switch light-brick (which is hidden and the light looks like coming from the lamppost) by pushing the spider
  • Spider, moon and stars (snowflakes, if you like) are glowing in the dark.
Offers many possibilities of playing and displaying:
  • Three different, interchangeable scenes - Lucy meets Tumnus, Edmund meets White Witch, Childrens and Mr. Beaver
  • Four modes of displaying - wardrobe closed, wardrobe opened with Lucy & Tumnus scene inside, wardrobe opened with Witch & Edmund scene, wardrobe opened with Childrens & Mr. Beaver scene inside (you can multiply this displaying options by opening and closing drawers)
Let the imagination (and Aslan) win and support this project!

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