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The Batcave 1966 TV show


This a logo set of the classic BATMAN TV Show BATCAVE, I tried to recreate the cave as best as I could. I think this would be an awesome set for Lego to work on. Everyone loves the classic TV Show. I've seen many Batman Lego sets but nothing honoring the show that started it all. This a set containing about 400 Pieces . Even has the working front door with the Black and yellow caution bar! I added the trees and shrubs to hide the entrance. Even added Batman and Robin and the computer tables! Holy Lego Batman! This is cool. I see this a big seller! I think with improvement changes this could be a set Lego creators of all ages will want to own and create. The classic show was fun and campy, and Legos are made to be fun. Please take this idea into consideration for development