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Chess Set

This is my idea of how a LEGO chess set might look like.

I built this set, because I have recently got back to playing chess, and I realised that this could be made into an interesting LEGO set, and I didn't find any already existing set that I really liked.

I think this would make a great LEGO set, because it is just big enough to be playable, but it is not a huge set, therefore it might not cost that much.

I tried as much as I could to make the pieces look like real chess pieces, and I think they turned out pretty good. Also I did my best to maintain the height differences between the pieces, and make them stand out from one another. I kept the board relatively simple, but I am considering making a bigger and foldable board to store the pieces, for convenience.

The board is 26 by 26 studs wide, so around 21 by 21 centimeters (or around 8.3 by 8.3 inches).
It is made up of 506 pieces. (With 2 extra Queens it would be 524, because some professional chess sets do include them, for when you promote a pawn into an another Queen.)

I hope you like this set as much as I do.

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