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The LEGO Toilet Monster


Presenting: The LEGO Toilet Monster!

This little buddy hides in a cute little LEGO toilet. He is very shy and doesn't like bright sunlight. But there's a trick to shoo him out of his safe spot - by FLUSHING.

Features and Hard Facts:

  • This petite Toilet Monster Set is approximately 17cm tall (6,7 inches).
  • The "normal" state of this set is a closed toilet. You can open the toilet by turning the lever and thereby "flushing" it.
  • Through the flushing-mechanism, the toilet opens - presenting its little inhabitant.
  • It contains the rare chrome bricks from the "Model Team" Hot Rod-Set. It's about time to get these beautiful special bricks reissued.

If you'd like to put this funny little monster-surprise on your shelves and flushing cisterns please endorse my creation by supporting and sharing. THX, fellow LEGO devotees!

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