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LEGO Private Jet


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The set is a perfect addition to your airport. With this private jet all rich people can fly to all places wherever they want to. No matter which metropolis is the aim, due to the aerodynamic shape, low weight and powerful turbines they reach it immediately. The jet has a working landing gear, opening cabins and detailed outfit, like coffee maker, television, interior lighting and clock. There’s place for the pilot and six passengers, of that two separated with a table. You can add a luggage car and stairways.

It’s my first airplane I put more effort into it than in usual models. The design is based on the LEGO planes from the 80s and 90s, but I tried to make it more realistic and detailful. I chose the colours white and red, and grey for the base, because they are the most common, but they can be changed. And let me know, if you have some improvement suggestions. I’ll try to add more things to my project, like more minifigures, the mentioned luggage car and stairways. If you like the private jet and you’d like to hold it in hands, you just need to support this project and share it with your friends.

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