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Stag Submersible

Built to withstand the hostile environs of the deep ocean, the Stag Submersible is ready to dive. Based off of a combination of a stag beetle and a water beetle, this model features oversized snapping pincers, an awesome blue and gold exo-skeleton, and four intrepid aquanauts. Mainly for display (everyone needs a steam-punk submarine to decorate their living room, right?), there are also play opportunities. The pincers do snap, using a discreet sliding trigger on it's underside that is easy to access. All the cockpits hinge open, allowing access to a (minimal) interior. And the display stand features several ocean creatures, including a ... Sarlacc? Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with the stand. Maybe too much fun. I threw in steam-punk elements throughout, so there is an abundance of visual interest. 

I like to draw inspiration from nature in my builds. Insects have always intrigued me, as they sometimes seem to blur the line between animal and machine. This model is a product of that idea, taking it somewhat literally. While it certainly isn't the most recognizable build, it was definitely a lot of fun to design, and it remains a fun display that stimulates the imagination. To me, it's a reminder of the awesome places that your imagination can take you. 

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