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Bombardier Gulfstream G-IV

Hey guys, here is my LEGO Bombardier Gulfstream G-IV!

Most aviation enthusiasts know the Bombardier G 8000 as one of the best private jets available today. An awesome plane, the G-8000’s predecessor was (quite a long time back) the G-IV.
The G-400 or the G-IV is a family of large, superfast private jets available for commercial use.

It’s sleek and very successful with 900+ built. It first took off on the 19th of September 1985.
Although production ceased in 2018, it is loved by all those who pilot it and fly on it.
Relatively quiet with its rear located Rolls-Royce Tay fan jets, it has a service ceiling of 45000 feet and a top speed of 0.85 times the speed of sound/0.85 mach. In June 1987 a Gulfstream IV set 22 world records in its class in flying west around the world in 45 hr 25 min. The next year another G-IV set eleven world records flying east around the world.

A wonderful plane, I feel that the Gulfstream G-IV deserves its own LEGO set.
Thank You, and please support too ;)

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