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Daily Puzzle

What is DailyPuzzle
This is Daily Puzzle, my original puzzle toy.
You can make a baseplate and 9 block pieces, and then use them to show every date in your life.
In fact, there is more than one solution for every day.

How to play
The board has the numbers of months / days / weeks, we should find out the date we want to show and use the 9 pieces to cover the other numbers so that we can see the date after we finished the puzzle.

Why I believe it would make a great LEGO set
Daily Puzzle makes the date becomes a puzzle for every day. I wrote an efficient program and verified all the dates. I'm sure that every date has more than one solution.

I think it was a great LEGO set as it combine the calendar and puzzle and LEGO.

I hope you can love it and support it.

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