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80s Pop BrickHeadz - Prince

Representing the best of 80s Pop, Prince is one of a line of ideas using the BrickHeadz concept. I love the BrickHeadz theme and believe there is more opportunity than just movies and pets. My pop star would be Prince, but there are many more that I have created. Branding would be lively with spotlit images, and they make a fun addition to the BrickHeadz portfolio.

Although my range of bricks are restricted, with help from the experts at LEGO we could add great value to iconic pop stars like Prince. I love the potential of all the details - Golden earrings, the white florets that make fantastic shirt ruffs and a custom guitar for Prince shown on his back.

For all brick builders that love music, bring the Rocking World of Pop to LEGO fans. Enjoyed by young and old, Pop icons could be put in the spotlight in a LEGO unique way.

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