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Land Pirate Prowler

The guiding principle I had for putting this together was whether or not my five year old thought it was cool. That plan worked out well - the end result was a build with some interesting design elements and play features that should be fun for more experienced builders and sturdy enough to play with.

As the ship rolls along the treads rotate and the gears between the front and back sections turn, pumping the pistons in the engine up and down. There are twin stud-shooters on turntables on either side and six cannons in the front. The rear upper deck has a rotating platform with a stud-shooter on it, but instead of single studs it fires a grappling hook at the end of a chain. Both of the upper decks are made to detach easily, to give a better view of the engine in the rear or the captain's quarters with the map and table in the front.

This model doesn't have a neat and tidy category, but we had a lot of fun making it. Thanks for checking it out - as always I appreciate any support or suggestions you have

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