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Ice Planet 2002 - Blizzard Headquarters

Welcome to the world of Ice Planet 2002!
Ice Planet 2002 was my favourite of the many Lego space themes from the 90's. I have always felt that the series was missing a main base and that's why I created "Blizzard Headquarters". It features many of the key elements of Ice Planet 2002, and in addition some of the vehicles and sections of the base are designed to look similar to other sets in this range.

What is in the set?
This build has been designed to recreate the same feeling of the original 1993 theme, so there are plenty of older pieces and techniques used. The set features:
- Rocket for atmospheric studies
- Rotating crane arm with magnet to load and unload the rocket
- Hovering snow plow for shifting snow
- Rover for exploring the surface of Krysto
- Helijet for transporting supplies and reaching high vantage points
- Four minifigures, including Commander Cold
- A storage room for tools, helmets and oxygen tanks

If you think this deserves to sit alongside the other Ice Planet 2002 sets then please support this.

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