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SpaceX Big Falcon Rocket to Mars


BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) is a new generation rocket and spacecraft project being developed by SpaceX. BFR is much larger in mass and size than existing SpaceX rockets, which also surpasses the legendary Saturn V and will allow more than 100 tons of cargo to be launched into orbit!

According to Elon Mask's words, the BFR will replace the existing SpaceX rockets - the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and the Dragon cargo spacecraft.

The construction of the prototype is already underway from 2018 to the present day. SpaceX's goal is to launch a BFR with a cargo to Mars in 2022, and in 2024 with a crew of 100 people. I hope we will witness such a great event as the landing of a man on Mars!

After this, it'll not be a shame to give a place on your shelf for the increadible BFR!


Technical details of the model:

  • height: 30 cm
  • diameter: 3,5 cm
  • weight: 178 g
  • pieces: 292
  • scale 1:270

The modell inculdes:

  • Capsule (Starship)
  • Separable second stage (Super Heavy)
  • Stand with a sign.


Please support, like and comment. Let more adults and children learn about such an exciting event.

Forward, and only forward, to Mars!