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Steven Universe - Greg's Van


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This set is based on the Cartoon Network TV show: Steven Universe!  

The top three minfigures are Gem warriors named Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.  The boy at the bottom is named Steven Quartz Universe: a human-gem hybrid who is still learning how to use his gem powers like the other Crystal Gems.  A minifigure of Greg Universe, (Steven's dad) is also included.

This set is based on the episode "Laser Light Cannon", in which Greg found a powerful Gem cannon in his garage to help destroy a giant Gem eyeball in the sky!

The items included are the Gem's weapons: two dark red studs to represent Garnet's gauntlet fists, Amethyst's black whip, Pearl's white spear, and Steven's pink sheild.  Greg's brown acoustic guitar is also included.

This set also comes with stickers for the decals on the side of Greg's Van, the license plate, and the design on Steven's shield.

I worked very hard on drawing the minifigures and decals and perfecting the Lego models, so I hope you all like and support my first Lego idea!

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