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Meta Runner

This is a LEGO replica of the MD-5 Hideout from the popular YouTube web series Meta Runner. The show was created by Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul and the story is about a young woman named Tari who wakes up in a futuristic city revolving around video games and can't remember anything. She somehow has this strange ability to warp into video games and an evil corporation called "TAS Corp" run by Lucks wants her and her abilities to surpass other competitions, but Tari knows they want her for something else. So she joins a group of Meta Runners and a Video Game Character to stop Lucks and put an end to "TAS Corp's" evil schemes.

MD-5 Hideout info:  

The set comes with 7 Minifigures and 1 Buildable figure: Tari, Theo (Coconut Boy), Lamar, Sofia, Masa, Belle, Lucks, and a Ramen-Bot. Accessories for the Minifigures include 2 gaming controllers (Tari's and Masa's), Theo's Coconut and Great Elder Tomato, Lamar's Pillow, Sofia's screwdriver, Luck’s Handgun, and Ramen-Bot’s kitchen tools.

The Ramen Restaurant: 
The Restaurant has a couple of banners with printed Asian symbols and words and has a full kitchen and countertop. With the inclusion of a Ramen vending machine, a microwave, as well as a stove with pots to cook Ramen of course. 

"The Office": 
"The Office" contains a small workshop with Sofia's Laptop, an arcade machine, a table with some blueprints, a couple of monitors, a Glitchy Box console, Sofia's laptop, some Ramen bowls, soda cans, and a lot of PC monitors.

Ultra-Jump Mania:
The Ultra-Jump Mania section above the hideout has a blue sky with clouds, a beach with a seashell and a crab, and some palm trees next to some Tiki statues. The obstacles consist of a ramp with a boulder, a pit of spikes, and a goal post with a Pineapple printed on the flag.

The Tempest section above the Ramen Restaurant is a recreation of the mountain with some rocks, castle ruins, the cliffside of the mountain, and some clouds below.

The outdoor section has a bus stop, 2 vending machines, some boxes, and a secret door to the Ramen restaurants with a keypad.

The reason I built this is that Meta Runner is widely popular nowadays, fans and viewers of the show would love to see many of the main characters in LEGO form and since season 3 is coming soon, I want to make this series have something many fans will love and have for their own LEGO collection. 

I believe this would make a great set because Meta Runner is a groundbreaking series to ever be created, it has been adored by many fans around the world, it has something that deserves even more than just a series, and I want all fans young and old to reenact iconic scenes from the show or share their memorable moments. A Die-Hard Meta Runner fan would love to see this project become an official set, so everyone who has seen or love the series, please support this set and make Luke and Kevin proud!

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