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Svaeve 8


This is my nuclear fusion rocket for landing on Mars. I've named it Svaeve 8 after the Danish word "Soar", as the rocket will soar the stars to Mars. Nuclear fusion gets you to Mars faster than normal rocket fuel. Instead of seven months with rocket fuel, you can get to Mars in as little as 30 days. It has a Mars lander (the picture with the sand dune background) which is released from the retractable nose of my rocket (shown on the space background). It has 3 stages of rockets so it can first go to the Moon, and then to Mars. This rocketship orbits the moon and then uses the moon's gravity to slingshot itself to Mars. The living space is 100 feet long, and each of the rockets are 80 feet long. The living space has everything today's modern Mars austronaut would need, including a very secure living space which protects the austronauts from any radiation from the nuclear fusion fuel. When the Mars lander touches down on Mars, the austronauts come out of a three foot hole in the base of the lander to collect their samples while the main rocket orbits. The lander is normal rocket fuel and will return to the rocket's retractable nose once more. Once the Mars Mission is complete, the whole rocket will return to earth. I hope one day that I will get to travel into space on a rocket as awesome as this one.

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