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Jimmy's Sharp Slasher

In 2021, i watched Sing 2. i discovered Jimmy Crystal.

Jimmy Crystal is the main antagonist of Sing 2. he is an arctic wolf. he is the head of Crystal Entertainment. he is the father of Porsha Crystal. he has an assistant named Jerry.

At the Crystal Entertainment theater, Jimmy is watching other animals performing shows. he rejected 10 of them. he watched Buster and his gang perform a show before he rejects it. he needs big shows and big ideas. he went on a helicopter. meanwhile, Jimmy throws a remote control at the TV. he meets Buster. at the night, Jimmy crystal battled against Buster and his gang. after that he got arrested by the police.

The sharp slasher is Jimmy's vehicle. it has 2 black click shooters that fire red studs. it has sharp parts. it has 2 lights. it has red lights on the back. it has white wheels. it has a JC sign (Jimmy Crystal's autograph) on the back. it has JIMMY letters on the top back. he can use it for battling the police and running away from them.

What is it?: It is a vehicle. it has click shooters. it's also a car.

Why did you built it?: I built this set because i think i will make vehicles with weapons.

Why do you believe it would make a great set?: It would be a great set for kid to enjoy and collect.

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