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121 Flying Firefighters


Welcome to the new generation of aerial fire platforms. With the great growth of skyscrapers, the demand for new fire extinguishing systems has risen and a solution is to access from the sky. This new platform has the necessary resources, both for firefighting and maritime, air or land rescue.

Apart from flying, it can be located on the mainland or fly over near the sea. Its Fast Emergency Vehicle (FEV) has fire extinguishing systems thanks to its two frontal cannons. It usually arrives first along with a mini multipurpose drone waiting on the platform if the help is needed. The vehicle is deployed thanks to a sliding plate that is also used as a rescue ramp.
The platform features two large remote turrets with attached water cannons. A water bomb launcher, a mini foam autocannon and a small manual water cannon on the roof. A crane has also been attached for both rescue and repair.
Inside, the firefighters have a control center, a kitchen, clothing and work tools.
About the model:

This Design has the possibility of saving space at home since it has an internal structure and Technic supports to anchor it to the wall. In this way, he also justifies its aerial and vigilant position over the city, making the diorama gain volume from the wall of the room.

The roof can be unfolded to allow easy access to the elements inside.

The model includes 4 minifigures: a small cat and a seagull.
 Approx. 2000 pieces
 Width 21.6 cm
 Length +/- 37.7 cm
Height +/- 25.3 cm
 I hope you like it .Thank you very much!

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