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Project Lego Flappy Bird: Wall Hangings

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Since Flappy Bird is becoming an ever-increasingly popular game on the App Store, I've decided to create small LEGO models of the game. This will be called Project Lego Flappy Bird! If you enjoy this idea, please support and maybe it'll become a real set! Imagine going to a toy store and seeing Flappy Bird LEGO! Anyways, I'll be adding all sorts of different set ideas.

Thanks for listening!

Here's my first idea, the original Flappy Bird. It's on a 16x16 baseplate and each 1x1 tile represents a pixel. The green background also compliments the red of the beak/mouth. This set would be 398 pieces if we are to include the Green 1x1 tiles or 283 if we were to leave the baseplate bare.

There is also the possible idea of making one of each color of the bird which means red, blue and the original yellow. These could be made either on the baseplate or seperate as in this picture. The seperate birds are each 181 bricks.

*Note: I may be making a real-life version of the bird soon as these are only in Lego Digital Designer

You could also have seperate sets that are each within the size of a 16x16 plate and create your own Flappy Bird maze! By buying extra expansions, you could make the pipes longer or make the picture wider. The bottom pipe is 185 pieces including the baseplate, the top pipe 121 pieces and the bird is 144 pieces. Putting them all together would make a great display or wall hanging!

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