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Space Miners #1


Hello everyone!  I’m jmjt4!  I’d like to tell you a little about this new set I made!

First off, feel free to comment!  If you are viewing and you don’t like what you see I’d be happy to hear what I need to change for your support! 

The concept for Space Miners first came to me when I was thinking about uses for the two space people included in Peter Reid’s Exo-Suit set.  I also wanted to do something with the new crystals I got off of Pick-a-Brick.  Then it hit me!  Space Mining!

The mining laser was an interesting model to design.  I wanted to make a small set with a lot of details, so this little guy is packed with a lot if gauges and computers.  Its blast shields protect it from shards of flying rocks.  It is used for blowing through the hard rock of Boneyard, the region of Planet 56687 that the I.G.Mco (Intergalactic Miningco) has been mining for Star Crystals.

The Star Crystals are solid on the outside, but on the inside, they are pure energy, capable of supplying a large city with power for almost an entire year.  They are extremely rare and only found in the Boneyard.  The rock surrounding it is Geotranium, is harder than diamonds.  Only powerful lasers can blast through it.

Bobby Nova is a mechanic and is very good with computers.  He is one of the few miners at who has clearance to use the mining laser.  He put in quite a few hours in the simulator learning how to use it.  In his spare time, he creates androids.

Peter is a Bunny-Bot MK1 is result of Bobby’s tinkering.  He is called a Bunny-Bot because of his big ears.  MK2 and 3 will be used in upcoming sets.  Previews will be shown soon.


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