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Eve online - Gallente Battlecruiser - Talos

Hello, I am Clement, Known as Eleanne Cassiopee, a Capsuler from CCP's universe: Eve Online. This is a Space Opera with a huge content and beautiful ships. I would like to share my vision of one of them.
Thank you for visiting my page, I hope you'll enjoy the journey !

Let me introduce to you a Gallentean Battlecruiser: The Talos. It is a Tier 3 Battlecruiser specially designed to be the fastest and lightest larges weapons mounted ship ever made !
Great aerodynamics capabilitys (you know... for gas cloud and that kind of stuff !). Light and strong structure, Larges engines and big armor ! A must have in fleet !

This model is made of ~590 parts, There is a stand in the .lxf and put the whole thing around 650. I use a dark grey for the whole modele, it's more close from the Talos's color but it could be nicer in light grey. The greens need to me more deep too ^^

I put a big attention to the modele's stability and durability. Almost every pieces is stuck by a good shaped framework inspired by the starwars UCS modeles.
i'm just not sure about the stand. I dont know where is the center of gravity of my model =D

Thank for your supports and sharing ! I hope you will have as much pleasure as i had with this one !


Buildings Instructions in HTML .zip

Model.lxf .zip (LDD 4.3 - brick version 1182)


PS: i read the rules and understand the point "Acceptable Project Content - VIII". Eve Online is a MMORPG but, from many regards, he deserve exception =D

Talos With UCS like Stand

bottom view

close up view

Hybrid Iron ftw !

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