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Delivery Robot

The world does not stand still and new technologies develop and come to the aid of city dwellers. In Lego, too, technology does not stand still, and I wanted to dedicate my set

About the set
My kit is dedicated to new delivery robots, which are gaining in popularity. The robot is a small all-terrain vehicle with six wheels. Inside the robot, cargo and parcels are packed in a container on top. It can overcome many types of terrain, including snowy, but prefers to move on the roads. It is a very interesting technology and many of the robots look very cute. The model itself can be equipped with LEDs, for more realism. 

Now these robots are used by many companies such as Uber, Amzon and others, and of course such a robot should appear in Lego City. I hope you like my model. Thank you for your support and good luck to all!)

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