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America Cup


America Cup

This amazing sailing boats are awesome and this competition is well known for his competitors sailing this huge and beautifull boats trough the rough seas cutting waves at high speed.

The vanguard of tecnology is used on every single detail, like the sails and the hull to make this boats and catamarans one of a kind, reliable and the fastest sail boats on competition in the planet. Besides the speed and technology the crew must work as a team to achieve the maximum speed with the avaliable wind. These boats are decorated with sponsors colours witch brings colour and beauty to this worldwide competitiom.


I hope you enjoy my construction, you will find some playable detail like moveable sails in sailing catamaran. Also the crew can move to both sides to ballance the boat, and like the original one you have two steering wheels to move the rudder and to drive you to the first place in podium. 

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