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School Bus


The school bus in coming into your city! Introducing the proud new Lego School Bus! This classic model would be perfect for any city addition. This bus is 8 studs wide. This set includes many amazing features, including:

  • Extending Stop Sign 
  • Easily removable roof for easy access inside the school bus. 
  • Added black rims details.
  • Room for 12 passengers, plus the school bus driver, for a total for room of 13 minifgures. 
  • 5 minifigures included in this fantastic set, 4 passengers plus the school bus driver. 
  • Detailed orange and red warning lights. 
  • Stop street sign. 

I built this school bus because I have been very disappointed that Lego has never released a classic school bus in their history, and I love school buses and all buses in general. I know many people would like to have a school bus includes in their collection and city models, including me.  Lego has only released one school bus in my time frame of Lego, but it was very small and the rims were pink because it was included in a Lego friends set. I was very dissapointed with that school bus. 

I ask for your support with this Lego set. Thank you in advance, and I will be forever grateful for your support! I really do appreciate it!

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