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China New Year Dragon (Loong) Dance

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This is my lego China new year dragon dance moc which was intially designed and built in 2016. I also submitted this moc here on LEGO Ideas website in the same year. Unfortunately this project didn't get enough support within the time limit. In Janurary 2019, LEGO officially released a China Dragon Dance set (80102), which is a fantastic set, yet only available in Asia. So I was wondering maybe it's high time to revive my moc set which features the same traditional China culture symbol. 

My moc is totally different than the design of LEGO's offical Dragon Dance set, in scale, color scheme, the way of presenting the shape of China dragon with bricks, etc. There are lots of golden bricks used on the body of the dragon to brighten the whole set. I hope my moc can make to the final stage and released on shelf. Then the whole world can get a set featuring China's most iconic totem, not only the people in Asia.

This set includes a loong (dragon) and a gaint lucky silk ball. My loong has 8 segments, namely head, 6 body segments and a tail. It measures about 64 cm long, 16 cm high and 8 cm wide. All these figures are multiple of "8", because 8 in chinese represents wealth and all good fortunes. I hope my moc can bring all these lucks to people who find it, too.

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