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Zorro & the Key to the Villa

Hello !
This idea came to life, for Zorro is the first comic i remember reading as a kid - i'm 46 now :) - and for me growing up watchin the tv series , i always had a special fascination for this masked hero, and i actually think its the true insparation for the creation of Batman, by Bob Cane and Bill Finger .

I had this idea for i can´t remember this theme ever came out on any Lego set, and i think it would give a great play for kids, and they can go back a little to remember one of the first Masked heros .

The idea of the diorama, was born when i got some random inverted arch parts, and i managed to make them the main "entry" for the Villa . The story is that Zorro, ridding his horse - Tornado - is comming back to return the Key of the Villa to the people, and has to fight one "last bad guy" who thinks he can stop Zorro, meanwhile, Juan is trying to get some water out of the well so he can make some soup, but Zorro and the bad guy keep lifting the dust with their fight , and Juan needs to use his broom to try to keep the area clean, for he trusts Zorro to defend him, so his priority is the soup :)

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