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Schloss Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg, Germany

About the Castle
The Schloss Johannisburg is the landmark of the city of Aschaffenburg in Bavaria, Germany. This renaissance castle was built between 1605 and 1614 out of red sandstone from the local quarries. Its symmetrical architecture is only broken by the Keep, that partly reaches into the courtyard.

My motivation to build it
I live in this city my whole life, so I simply wanted to build its most iconic landmarks, like the Pompejanum and this castle. Aschaffenburg is quite a small city, not far from Frankfurt am Main, but it's astonishing how many tourists there are every year to see this beautiful castle. And... its orange glow in the evening sun is unbeaten.

The scale
On my first attempt I build this thing almost minifigure scale, realizing that its gonna be huge. That actually was not a problem, but since I just replicate this from pictures online, no blueprints whatsoever I happened to have some structural problems and errors in scale which basically meant I had to build it again from ground up. That's when I decided to replace the window type bricks with the brick modified that makes a good window in microscale. So I ended up doing microscale :)

The build
In the first version of the Microscale Build I had about 4700 parts, which was why it was declined for submission. I then started again from scratch and made the castle just slightly bigger, so I could use bricks instead of many plates for the most part. Also I could build the roof from much bigger and hence less slopes then before. One thing that's a bummer is that I had to use big 6 x 6 tiles for the castle courtyard. In the original version I just used 1 x 1 tile in order to imitate the cobblestone of real life model.
So now in version 2 I managed to reduce the parts to as little as 2889 parts, which I'm kinda proud of :)

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know. I'm happy to hear feedback of any sort. Thanks :)

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