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The drones from EVE Online

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In the EVE online universe, the Capsuleer or regular ship captain sometime needs help. This help can come as a trusted friend or a robotic drone.

These robotic drone can help you to mine precious asteroid belt, fix the armor or shield of a corporation mate or help you when you're in a tight situation when doing missions or pirating.

Here I present 5 kits, one for each race and one for the non racial drones, that could contains 1 of each drones (Light, Medium, Heavy and Sentry or others) along with a mini-fig engineer that can repair, clean and make the drone shine.

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The drones from EVE Online (by me Guindel)
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You can also download the LDD file here.

The Sentry drones, are the hard hitter of all the drones. The only issue with them is that they do not move, but this means that they do not need to reach a target to shoot them. In reading order, the Minmatar Bouncer, the Amarian Curator, the Gallentean Garde and the Caldary Warden.

The Heavy drones does damage equivalent to the sentry, but they move. In reading order, the Minmatar Berserker, the Caldary Wasp, Amarian Praetor and the Gallentean Ogre. I've also added 1 engineer with 2 tools to make sure the drones are always in good working conditions.

The light "Scout" drone are the smallest type of drones. In reading order, you have the Caldary Hornet, the Minmatar Warrior, the Gallentean Hobgoblin and the Amarian Acolyte.

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