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Drakborgen (DungeonQuest) Boardgame

To pass the time during the pandemic, I decided to combine 2 of my great interests, Lego and board games.
To build my absolute favorite board game “Drakborgen” (DungeonQuest) became the given choice.
Drakborgen (DungeonQuest) is a board game in a fantasy setting, which was published in Swedish by Alga and Brio in the fall of 1985. The game was created by Jakob Bonds and Dan Glimne.
Drakborgen (DungeonQuest) is played with up to four heroes and the players must enter the Dragon Castle with their heroes and collect treasures and the player who gets their hero out of the castle with the highest total value of their treasures at the end of the game wins. If no hero survives or manages to get out of the castle at the end of the game, all players lose. The board consists of a random maze that the players themselves create and inside the Dragon Castle the player's hero can encounter obstacles such as traps and monsters. In the center of the board is a treasure chamber guarded by a sleeping dragon that, if awakened, attacks the heroes inside the treasure chamber.
Dragon Castle was marketed as a demanding game with a lot of rules and a "high fatality rate".
The game was released in several other languages ​​during the late 1980s and early 1990s. By 2015, Drakborgen and DungenQuest had sold an estimated 250,000 copies worldwide.
However, my Lego version is deeply inspired by the Swedish original from 1985 with illustrations by illustrator Anders Jeppsson.

My first design, which I also built in physical form, was a full copy of the original game, with a game board of 13 x 10 squares, and 116 rooms, including the treasury.
I also upgraded my game with a dice tower, card holders and organizers for the players.
Unfortunately, the build ended up with just over 7300 pieces, which is far too submit to post my design on Lego Ideas.

So now I'm done with a stripped and downsized version.
This has a game board of 9 x 8 squares, and 60 rooms, including the treasury.
Unfortunately I also had to skip the dictower, and the other extra accessories.

But now the model at least has an acceptable number of pieces.

My version is fully compatible with the cards from Drakborgen and DungeonQuest, just replace the board, the room tiles, the hero figures and the counter for the sun with this Legoversions, and then, just start playing

Welcome to enter the dungeon.

2999 Pieces.

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