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Surf's Hut


A little corner of my personal paradise.

The surf's hut is a little shack on the beach where you can rent surfboards and wetsuits; an hippie family manage it and the hut is also a place where surfers meet each other to have fun and relax.

Today is a sunny day and the offshore wind creates perfect waves; a local surfer is under the tube while his friend look at him from the water and a professional photographer take a picture from the beach; an other surfer put the wax on the board he has just rent and he prepares himself to ride waves.

I choosed to recreate the sea not too much detailed in order to rappresent very glassy conditions of the water and I would need some sticker to recreate light's effects; I would need also a sticker on the wooden signal with this text on it:" Boards Rent".

This is a set that I've imagined for kids that could play with waves, but also for adults that could display it in their house in cold cities, dreaming of such a perfect place.

I hope you'll like it!



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