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Mars Colony Project


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An idea i had for a colony on Mars
the idea can be expanded upon
you can mod with a few Light Bricks turn off the lights and see the colony light up!
Let me know what you think.
24/8/2012 - 5 Supporters thank you very much!
20/9/2012 - 26 Supporters thank you very much keep them coming!!
15/10/2012 - 35 Supporters thank you all very much!
27/10/2012 - 42 supporters thank you all!! keep them coming!
30/12/2012 - 51 Supporters GREAT!!! thanks to you all keep them coming!
26/1/2013 - 60 Supporters!! thank you all! :D
12/4/2013 - 71 Supporters!!!! amazing thank you all :)

UPDATE 22/8/2012 - Colony expanded to include Hydroponics and Solar Power
UPDATE 23/8/2012 - Colony expanded to include Arboretum and extra Solar Panels

Phase I
Com Tower and Sleeping Quarters

Phase II
Colony expanded with Hydroponics Centre and Solar Pannels
Close up of Hydroponics Centre you can see spirinklers inside

Phase III
Colony expanded to include Arboretum and extra Solar Panels

Expansion Pack
Corner, T Section, Cross Section, 2x Corridors
Perfect for expanding the colony

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