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The Rat Rod


Hi All,

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Rat Rod build.

I have always wanted to build a Hot Rod. Neat, shiny and new. However, since the Rat Rod scene has come out on TV I have been biased towards the way these look and the engineering that goes into them!

Find, if you are lucky, an early 1900 body shell. Cut and shut it. Chop it and make it how you like it! If you can, keep the original paintwork, with all the patina that goes with it. Add the latest high specification running gear that is in keeping with the design. Put in a big block V8 engine, fuel injection, and roots charger. To top it all off, add a few bottles of NOs and some good rubber to keep it stuck to the road!

With all that in mind, I decided to design my Rat Rod!

This is an eccentric model that would make a stunning show piece. Though it does not have moving pistons, it certainly makes up for this with its charm. Incredible attention to detail was used throughout the designing process. At 2994 pieces, a length of 48.7cm, a width of 24.9cm and a height of 18.8cm, this build would provide hours of rewarding fun!

This was my design sequence, and so much fun to do!

A simple ladder chassis was laid down first which I followed with cantilever and leaf front suspension, keeping link arm steering for the retro purpose. A set of big front discs with callipers were added to complement the look. Next, the rear differential was designed around a bar rear axle and rear leaf spring suspension. To add even more detail the inboard rear disc brakes and large callipers were added. It was important to me to maintain as much realism in this build. Next up was the V8 engine. As this was on show it was important to me to have the detail and exhaust system as close to the real thing as possible. The headers go into a collector each side of the engine and exit through sides pipes mounted just under the cab in front of the rear wheels. Details such as an alternator water pump and distributor were added to complement this. The super charger sits on top of the engine and allows a clear line of sight through the cab window. The radiator was next to go on. I wanted to make this as detailed as possible given it is such a focal point. Water pipes and grille are all included. To keep it rolling, large wheels and tyres on the rear with narrower wheels and tyres on the front were installed. A typical hot rod stance! The cab body is based on a 1939 3 window, chopped to reduce window height whilst keeping the old patina of rust and many coats of paint! What would have been the original gearbox tunnel has been made a lot bigger to accept the gearbox on the V8 and the prop shaft. This gave me just enough space to add the semi bucket seats and the rest of the interior. The boot lid opens to reveal four bottles of the all-important NOs, just to keep you grinning! Other details were added including rear lights, number plate, cab fire extinguisher, engine bay fire extinguisher, headlights and brake master cylinder. The opening doors have handles and locks with external tiles to complement the rest of the cab. I wanted the roof to be one colour and to be so distinct from the rest of the design that it actually brings it all together. To me it seems to work!

There you have it... The Rat Rod... built like a real car.

I hope you enjoy this model as much as I had fun designing it. My boys want me to build the real thing now. I think I will try it in Lego bricks first!

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