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Lego DragonVale

I know this probably won't people's attention because's it's made in LDD and not in some fancy 3D model program, but well, I suck at those stuff. But the point is not what program you used to make it, but how the models look. But let's get to the point.

Some months ago I started building some LEGO models for an iOS video game called DragonVale. It's not that famous, but the game is basically a "tap-and-wait" game about having a magical dragon park. The nice thing about the game is that you can breed two dragons in order to obtain new ones, for instance, breeding an Earth Dragon with a Water Dragon will get you a Mud Dragon, and an Air Dragon and a Cold Dragon will make a Snow Dragon. It's a great game, and it's free.

I made 8 dragon models, most of them look too fierce unlike the game, and some look kinda weird. Most of them can move most of their body parts like the jaws, the wings, and others.

The 10 dragons are:

*Mountain Dragon
*Mine Dragon
*Poison Dragon
*Swamp Dragon
*Firefly Dragon (made by my brother)
*Snow Dragon (made by my brother too)
*Sandstorm Dragon
*Air Dragon
*Mud Dragon
*Brass Dragon

And no, I'm probably not going to add habitats. If I would, each habitat would cost about 100$. Without the dragon itself. However, I might make sets with small versions of dragons and small buildings. I've made a Plant Dragon, Plant Habitat, Nursery, an Earth Dragon with a weird head and a failed Tree Dragon that turned huge.

Here is a gallery of the dragons I've currently made:

The Mountain Dragon. The first one I made, and the least movable from all, only capable of moving his tail, horns and knees. I used random slop pieces for the back because I didn't really know what to put.

The Mine Dragon. The second one I made. Like the Mountain Dragon, the Mine Dragon can't move a lot, except his legs and his arms.

Poison Dragon. His teeth were an epic fail, sadly. He looks like a rabbit or something. Hopefully if this becomes a set Lego could fix the head. However, I think the rest of the body is more successful, because he can move much more pieces like the wings, three tail pieces, and the head, unlike the Mine or the Mountain.

The Swamp Dragon. His wings/arms were interesting to make, and he turned out quite massive actually.

Links to the other 6 dragons:

Firefly Dragon (made by my brother):

Snow Dragon (made by my brother):

Sandstrom Dragon:

Air Dragon:

Mud Dragon:

Brass Dragon:

Each dragon will cost about 30$ or a little more.

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