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Dragon of the Sea


The Dragon of the Sea is a ferocious creature; it has the teeth of an alligator, the high-speed swimming skills of a shark, and even the ability of short (but spontaneous) bursts of flight, so much that some have taken to calling it a 'dragon'. It is actually a type of fish (with six eyes) but no one really cares THAT much about the details, right?

I made the sea dragon because I wanted to make something cool, but different as well. It looks quite a lot like a dinosaur, I realize, but nonetheless it is very awesome.

The sea dragon features HUGE jaws (10 studs long!) pose able fins with forward-and-back moving action, awesome tail fins and astounding overall detail. I tried out two different colors (green and blue) but I think I've decided that I like the blue version better.

It has a total of 552 bricks.

Please comment with any suggestions!

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